Hand Painted Murals, Artistic painting on the walls:


Why Paint Prestige?


– I put my whole heart in my projects and create them with passion,

– I am a professional and I have very competitive prices,

– I have many years of experience, I created the image of many play rooms, nurseries, schools, restaurants, dental offices, clinics and many houses and flats.

– I use paints and materials of the highest quality of the best companies in the world,

– I guarantee full satisfaction with the murals made.


Artistic durable and safe paints of the best companies.

I import paints from various parts of the world to provide you with the highest quality and safety. I use artistic paints from the best companies, friendly to the environment, completely safe for children, animals and people with allergies. The paints that I use have very nice vivid colors and on a properly prepared substrate you will enjoy the images for many years. The paint creates a layer resistant to dirt, and in case it happens, you can gently wipe it with a damp cloth. In addition, on request, I can cover the mural with a special protective varnish resistant to scratches and weather conditions.

How much it costs

Prices are very diverse and depend on many factors. Below I give approximate prices for different types of murals. The price is usually calculated per square meter and the more meters, the lower the price per meter. A lot depends on what is to be painted, whether there will be a lot of background and few characters or the opposite. The more details, the higher the price. The price of the mural can be adapted to virtually every budget so everyone can really afford a mural at home.


I paint mainly with an airbrush in combination with brushes, sponges and rollers, etc. which gives much better and more realistic 3D effects. The surface of such a mural is much more pleasant for the eyes and makes the whole work very impressive.

Murals perfect for any place

Wall murals can be found just about anywhere. I paint in private homes, in commercial premises, companies, hospitals, kindergartens, schools and many other places.

How to order

1. Determining the mural design

My work begins with a conversation with a client. At this stage, the most important thing is to determine what mural are you interested in and what size, more or less, you want it to be. If you have pictures of what you would like to have on the wall and pictures of the wall on which you would like to have a mural, send them to me.

2. Price of the mural

When we have already agreed what mural is to be painted, I can offer the price for its performance. The cost of making a mural depends on many factors. Among others on the level of difficulty, the amount of details, the technique and its dimensions.

3. Booking the date

If the price suits you and you want to benefit from my services, then at this stage we schedule the time for the execution of the mural. In order to book a date, I get an advance payment for materials etc. It is usually about 30% of the price of the entire project. Deposit is non-refundable. When the customer resigns for less than 2 weeks before painting, the deposit will cover my costs.

4. Implementation

We proceed to implementation within the set deadline. I always try to make murals of the highest quality, I paint them with the greatest care and I make sure that each of my clients is fully satisfied, that’s why the final effect usually differs from the design. 



Colorful murals on the walls in a child’s room are extremely important for a number of reasons. First of all, they enliven the room and stimulate the child’s imagination, making the child happy to stay in it. Murals on the walls in the child’s room have a positive impact on its development, well-being and make the child feel safer in their four walls.


Wall murals are a very interesting solution not only in children’s rooms. The murals can also be found in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or even the garden. Arrangement of the wall depends primarily on the preferences and needs of the client and the function to be fulfilled by the room. There are a lot of mural options. They can be delicate, barely perceptible motifs discreetly integrated into the interior design of the room, as well as dominant wall paintings that constitute the main decoration of the room. Hand-painted murals can be painted to visually enlarge, widen the room or extend the wall or simply give a unique style in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and in any other room.


Murals in a bar or restaurant are a sensational way to give a unique character to the place, shaping the original image of the premises. Advertising in the form of a painting attracts attention and thus new customers.


Colorful paintings on the walls at school or kindergarten have a very positive effect on the child’s development. Murals can illustrate fragments of knowledge, teach and show the diversity of the world, and above all, paintings develop children’s imagination. Murals are especially important for children who need to adapt to a new environment such as a school or kindergarten. The presence of favorite characters from fairy tales will help to make this process shorter and easier, at the same time causing that the given place will evoke positive emotions.


“Dual” is a mural that looks different in daylight than in UV light (blacklight).

These types of murals can be used in homes, bowling alleys, restaurants, etc..