Famous Places Wall Murals

This time I am painting the murals in London Heathrow. Big project ‘Famous Places’ where Pisa, Eiffel Tower, Pyramids, Taj Mahal, Colosseum, Temple of Kukulkan Chichen Itza pyramid and St Basil’s Cathedral, in Red Square, Moscow will be painted on the walls in first room. Due to the place’s nature, I can paint there only at night, which makes it a bit difficult for me.

The first night is behind me. On the walls of the first room I’ve painted only the background and sketches of the objects.

I spent the second and third night painting the background. I’ve finished the sky around the room and the greenery around the Eiffel Tower and Pisa. Additionally I made soft passages on the desert and grass.
I devoted the fourth and fifth nights on polishing the pyramids and the desert. I also painted a walking camel so that the whole looks good on the wall.
On the sixth night I painted Pisa, which turned out quite labour-intensive and the work lasted more than I expected.

After 13 nights of painting the murals, first room is finished. I painted everything what I planned on the walls. The whole painting lasted 3 days longer than I planned, but everybody is satisfied with the effect. From tomorrow on, I will be painting the second room where Stonehenge, Mount Everest, the Great Wall of China, Burj Al Arab and Jesus from Rio de Janeiro will be found.  I plan to paint the second room for about 6-7 nights. I hope everything will go according to the plan and this time I will finish on time.

Second room is finished after 8 nights of painting the murals. I painted on the walls: Stonehenge, Mount Everest, the Great Wall of China, Burj Al Arab, Jesus from Rio de Janeiro and a few more.

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