Frozen wall Mural

Frozen Painted Mural

Frozen wall Mural Hand painted murals by Mural Painter It took me three days to paint the Frozen mural. The little princess for whom I painted this mural loves blue and pink, so I used these colours as the dominant colours on the wall. I have really enjoyed painting this delightful mural.  Check out all […]

Dino Mural

dino wall mural romford

Dino Mural Hand painted murals by Mural Artist London We painted a mural with Dino for two days. We used several painting techniques to paint this mural. First, we painted the background blue with rollers, then the background of the characters with white paint, and finally finished the entire mural with the airbrush. Check out […]


wall mural london

Descendants Wall Mural Hand painted murals by Mural Painter London It took us two days to paint the characters from Descendants. First, we had to paint the wall purple, and then did we paint the characters and the rest of the mural. wall mural london wall-mural-london descendants wall mural descendants wall mural Check out all […]

“Famous Places” murals London

murals london

Famous Places Murals – London Hand painted murals london Painting of the mural “Famous Places” finished. We painted these murals with two people, and it took us about two weeks to paint a 150 m2 of mural.   murals london Check out all my Murals Get The Best Price! Facebook Instagram Youtube

Nursery Murals London

Two pandas on bamboo trees Kids Wall Murals

Nursery Murals London This time I am painting  Nursery Murals London. There will be three thematic rooms: a Baby Dolphin, a Little Lamb and a Big Panda.The murals will be in all those three rooms. I will be painting some education-related patters outside as well and some clouds and sky on the ceiling.Today I have […]

Avengers Wall Mural

Avengers wall mural

Avengers Wall Mural My latest hand-painted mural shows the characters from Avengers. I painted the mural on a brick wall in a private house in London.On the wall I painted Black Panther, Thor, Iron man, Captain America, Hulk and Spider Man.This how the room of 14-year-old Qaisara and 9-year-old Aaliya looks like. I started my […]

Oriental Wall Mural

Japanese garden wall mural

Oriental Wall Mural It’s been the first day of my new mural painting. So far I have just a sketch, but you can already see what will appear on the wall. On the left I painted the blossom tree and a Japan style cottage. On the right you can see a blossoming cherry tree branch […]

Woodland Wall Mural

mural artist painting fairy walls murals 1

Woodland Wall Mural It was a great pleasure to paint this mural. First, I painted a magic tree on the wall, which was very labor-intensive because of the large number of leaves. I added some pink glimmer in the background and started painting the characters. First, I painted the bunny, followed by a red squirrel, […]

Ice Age Wall Mural

ice age wall mural

Ice Age Wall Mural My latest hand-painted mural shows the characters from a funny movie. On the wall I painted Sid, Manfred, Scrat and Diego.The painting covers only one, but the very long wall. You can see the final result below. ice age wall mural Back to Blog Get The Best Price! Facebook Instagram Youtube

Hand Painted Murals in Faith Corridor London

mural artist during painting buddha a 1

Hand Painted Murals in Faith Corridor London This time I’m painting murals in the Imigration Removal Center in London.The paintings will cover the walls of the faith corridor, where different religion worship rooms are placed.First day of painting is over. I started with the mosque, as it is at the very end of the corridor.I’ve […]