Tiger painted on the wall

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This is a mural on the wall in a bedroom of couple from Colchester. When painting that tiger on a violet-painted wall, first I had to paint white background under the mural to make the colours more vivid and clear. To paint this mural we needed 3 days. Its size is about 7m2. and cost £500.

FC Barcelona Mural

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This is a painting of two footballers and the FC Barcelona logo on a properly prepared background. The background was prepared with a sponge and then refined with airbrush, while the rest was painted from the beginning to the end with the airbrush. The visible sign, ‘me’s que un club’ is the motto of the Catalan team FC Barcelona and means ‘more than a club’. At the end, the painting was covered with satin varnish to protect it better and to emphasize the colour and the depth. Painting the murals on 8m2 walls took me exactly 2 days and cost £500.