Hand Painted Mural ‘Famous places’

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This time I am painting the murals in London Heathrow. Big project ‘Famous Places’ where Pisa, Eiffel Tower, Pyramids, Taj Mahal, Colosseum, Temple of Kukulkan Chichen Itza pyramid and St Basil’s Cathedral, in Red Square, Moscow will be painted on the walls in first room. Due to the place’s nature, I can paint there only at night, which makes it a bit difficult for me.

The first night is behind me. On the walls of the first room I’ve painted only the background and sketches of the objects.

I spent the second and third night painting the background. I’ve finished the sky around the room and the greenery around the Eiffel Tower and Pisa. Additionally I made soft passages on the desert and grass.

I devoted the fourth and fifth nights on polishing the pyramids and the desert. I also painted a walking camel so that the whole looks good on the wall.

On the sixth night I painted Pisa, which turned out quite labour-intensive and the work lasted more than I expected.

After 13 nights of painting the murals, first room is finished. I painted everything what I planned on the walls. The whole painting lasted 3 days longer than I planned, but everybody is satisfied with the effect. From tomorrow on, I will be painting the second room where Stonehenge, Mount Everest, the Great Wall of China, Burj Al Arab and Jesus from Rio de Janeiro will be found.  I plan to paint the second room for about 6-7 nights. I hope everything will go according to the plan and this time I will finish on time.

Second room is finished after 8 nights of painting the murals. I painted on the walls: Stonehenge, Mount Everest, the Great Wall of China, Burj Al Arab, Jesus from Rio de Janeiro and a few more.

Hand Painted Oriental Mural

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It’s been the first day of my new mural painting. So far I have just a sketch, but you can already see what will appear on the wall. On the left I painted the blossom tree and a Japan style cottage. On the right you can see a blossoming cherry tree branch with the mountains in the background.

The whole mural will be painted with the combination of many techniques using the airbrush, brushes, sponge and other.

The whole picture is painted with the application of the best quality artistic acrylic paints of the best world known companies, fully safe even for children with allergies

Following the second day of painting the mural you can exactly see what’s going to be on the wall. I’ve painted mountains, blossoming cherry tree and also a lake and part of the Japan style cottage. Everything comes into shape and I should finish it tomorrow.

The third and at the same time the last day of painting is behind me.

The whole painting is finished and it looks really nice on the wall.

I’ve painted exactly what the homeowners wanted to have in their bedroom. The oriental motive really appealed to them.

The woodland mural

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It was a great pleasure to paint this mural.
First, I painted a magic tree on the wall, which was very labor-intensive because of the large number of leaves.
I added some pink glimmer in the background and started painting the characters.
First, I painted the bunny, followed by a red squirrel, a cute roe deer, as well as a hedgehog standing next to the mushroom-house and flowers too, etc.
The last characters I painted on this wall are the fairies: Tinkerbell, Iridessa and Rosetta.
At the end I refined all the details, added more glimmer and shadows to make the whole mural gain some depth.
In the whole mural I used very pleasant, fairly bright colours that look very nice and match the interior.

Mural Painted in Day Nursery London

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This time I am painting the murals in one of London’s Day Nursery. There will be 3 thematic rooms: Baby Dolphin, Little Lamb and a Big Panda.

The murals will be in all those three rooms. I will be painting some education-related patters outside as well and some clouds and sky on the ceiling.

Today I have been painting the wall in Baby Dolphin room.

Day 2

Murals in the Baby dolphins have been finished. The paintings can be seen on two walls.

Day 3

Today, I’ve finished painting the murals in Big Pandas room. The painting covers only one, but the whole wall.

Day 4 – 5

Murals in all three rooms have been painted. As the third one I painted Little Lambs room. Here the Murals can be admired on two walls.

I only need to paint the balloons and numbers outside on the brick and some clouds on the ceiling.

Hand Painted Avengers Wall Mural

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My latest hand-painted mural shows the characters from Avengers. I painted the mural on a brick wall in a private house in London.
On the wall I painted Black Panther, Thor, Iron man, Captain America, Hulk and Spider Man.
This how the room of 14-year-old Qaisara and 9-year-old Aaliya looks like. I started my work with making the outline.
When the sketch was ready, I started paiting the background. First, I started with an airbrush and then finished with a sponge.
When I painted the whole wall with a sponge, I started shading the background with an airbrush. Then I added Thor’s hammer lightning and glows.
Painting the characters I started with Thor.
The second was Black Panther, then Iron man and all favourite characters of Qaisar and Aaliy.

Finally, I added some glow to all characters and refined the details. You can see the final result below.

Hand Painted Murals in Faith Corridor London

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This time I’m painting murals in the Imigration Removal Center in London.
The paintings will cover the walls of the faith corridor, where different religion worship rooms are placed.
First day of painting is over. I started with the mosque, as it is at the very end of the corridor.
I’ve been painting only a few hours, but you can already see how it will look like in the picture below. Tomorrow I’ll post something more and at the end I’ll share with you a video depicting the whole process of creation.
See you soon.

Second day of painting went quite well. Everything goes with the plan and the mural gets some colour. The Mosque is the first in the faith corridor. There is also a Church and a Chapel, a Hindu Temple and the Buddist Temple.

Hand-painted Mosque, according to the plan, should be finished tomorrow.

It’s been the third day of painting.
Hand-painted Mosque is almost ready.
I only need a few hours to finish the details.
Tomorrow I’ll be painting the Hindu Temple, which is on the opposite wall. I’m planning to finish both wall within three days.

I devoted the fourth day to finish the Mosque, sketch the Hidu Temple and paint the background of the rest of the corridor. Tomorrow I will finish everything and then I will continue with the Hindu Temple. Next to it, there will be the Sikh Temple.

Day five of painting is over. Today I finished the background.
I used the paint spray gun to moderate the contrast between light and dark blue. That day I also painted with the brushed the clouds on both sides of the corridor.

Hand Painted Murals in Faith corridor London – Day 6

Today I have finished everything in this part of the corridor and started painting Sikh Temple. I was able to paint only a little because Sikh Temple and Hindu Temple have a lot of decorations, which is quite time and labour consuming.

Hand Painted Murals in Faith corridor London – Day 7

Just another day of painting passed. I’ve almost finished the Sikh Temple. One or two days more and I will be able to start painting the second part of the corridor ,in which I will be painting the Buddha, Jesus and the church.

Hand Painted Murals in Faith corridor London – Day 8

Today I finished the first part of the Faith corridor where the Mosque, Sikh Temple and Hindu temple are located.
Sikh and Hindu temples were quite labour and time consuming so it took me some time.
Tomorrow I will start painting the murals in the second part of the corridor with Buddha, Church and Jesus.

Another day of work completed. Today I painted the background at the Buddhist Temple. I need one more day to finish this wall before I start painting the church and Jesus.
Buddha – Hand painted mural in Faith Corridor during painting

Madagascar and Ice Age Mural in the dental clinic

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In the dentist’s clinic there are wall murals of cartoons, such as Ice Age and Madagascar. There are paintings for children that they would not feel so much stress during the visit to the dentist. Thanks to the murals decorating the walls and the ceiling above the dental chair, the youngest patients, but also the elderly, will be able to relax by watching their favorite cartoon characters. The paintings were made with airbrush technique, daler&rowney and createx paints and then coated with latex varnish to enhance the resistance to scrubbing and abrasion.

Painting 40m2 took me about a week and cost £1800.

Winnie the pooh mural London

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Painting the motifs of the Winnie the Pooh took me 5 days. Mrs Catrine from London wanted the colours not to be too vivid and therefore they are in delicate shades. I worked in a relaxed atmosphere created by very hospitable hosts. When I created this project I discussed the details with the owners on a regular basis; as the owners were not entirely sure where and what to paint. To cut the costs, the walls are not fully covered. They are made of delicate passages of the paintings, producing a nice final effect…