Madagascar and Ice Age Mural in the dental clinic

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In the dentist’s clinic there are wall murals of cartoons, such as Ice Age and Madagascar. There are paintings for children that they would not feel so much stress during the visit to the dentist. Thanks to the murals decorating the walls and the ceiling above the dental chair, the youngest patients, but also the elderly, will be able to relax by watching their favorite cartoon characters. The paintings were made with airbrush technique, daler&rowney and createx paints and then coated with latex varnish to enhance the resistance to scrubbing and abrasion.

Painting 40m2 took me about a week and cost £1800.

Winnie the pooh mural London

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Painting the motifs of the Winnie the Pooh took me 5 days. Mrs Catrine from London wanted the colours not to be too vivid and therefore they are in delicate shades. I worked in a relaxed atmosphere created by very hospitable hosts. When I created this project I discussed the details with the owners on a regular basis; as the owners were not entirely sure where and what to paint. To cut the costs, the walls are not fully covered. They are made of delicate passages of the paintings, producing a nice final effect…

Tiger painted on the wall

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This is a mural on the wall in a bedroom of couple from Colchester. When painting that tiger on a violet-painted wall, first I had to paint white background under the mural to make the colours more vivid and clear. To paint this mural we needed 3 days. Its size is about 7m2. and cost £500.

FC Barcelona Mural

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This is a painting of two footballers and the FC Barcelona logo on a properly prepared background. The background was prepared with a sponge and then refined with airbrush, while the rest was painted from the beginning to the end with the airbrush. The visible sign, ‘me’s que un club’ is the motto of the Catalan team FC Barcelona and means ‘more than a club’. At the end, the painting was covered with satin varnish to protect it better and to emphasize the colour and the depth. Painting the murals on 8m2 walls took me exactly 2 days and cost £500.