Murals Artist painting Wall Mural
Murals Artist painting Wall Mural

Hi, I'm Arthur, Your Personal Murals Artist !

I can show you how with Murals add a Wow factor and create a unique space.

5 Good Reasons to Choose

As a Murals Artist I Travelling throughout the UK and even over the world I hand-paint murals for children, homes and businesses.

The paintings can be painted by Murals Artist everywhere, at your home, in your Flat, Company, School or Pre-school, while the only limit is our imagination.

Murals for Children: Children’s bedrooms, Murals for Babies nurseries, play areas

Murals for Home: Kitchens And Dining Areas, Bathrooms, Living Rooms, Murals for Garden, Murals on the Fence

Hand Painted wall murals for Schools, Educational murals, pre-schools, nurseries, hospitals or play areas.

Murals for business, Offices and creative spaces, Bars & Restaurants, Signwriting

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